Lawn Care Programs

Lawns-Beauty_0812We take the health of your lawn seriously. Our goal is to provide you with a lush, green, healthy lawn that you’ll look forward to seeing every time you come home. A healthy lawn creates oxygen, reduces rainwater runoff, and provides a cool, inviting environment around your home. Our program is formulated specifically for lawns on Long Island and built upon 30+ years of experience.

Hate weeds? We hate weeds too! Our program helps to control those pesky invaders. Many people don’t realize that the best defense against weeds is a dense healthy lawn, because vigorous turf will out-compete most weeds for space, nutrients and resources. We battle weeds by improving the overall health of your turf and we apply specific controls to weeds when they appear.

Our Lawn Program

Early Spring Treatment: Slow release granular fertilizer, pre-emergent
Late Spring Treatment: Slow release granular fertilizer, surface insecticide, broadleaf weed control
Summer Treatment: Slow release granular fertilizer, iron, post emergent crabgrass control
Late Summer: Slow release granular fertilizer, broadleaf weed control, iron
Fall Treatment: Quick release granular fertilizer
Lime Treatment: Granular limestone product. We use an enhanced limestone product; 4-5x more powerful than standard lime (in most cases, this is applied at the same time as the “late fall” treatment)
** This schedule is for reference purposes only. It may be altered at any time due to weather, timing, or certain situations beyond our control.