Beneficial Services

Even lawns that receive personalized lawn care from TURF’n’TOLOGY, Inc. will benefit from certain beneficial services at specific times of the year. The services listed below address issues such as soil compaction, grub activity and lawn disease. For more information about these services, please contact our office. If you are a regular lawn care client, we will contact you at the appropriate time of year in order to determine if you could benefit from these optional services.


Gypsum is an excellent soil conditioner. It helps soil particles bind together, which actually reduces soil compaction by opening up air space within the soil. Gypsum is applied to reduce soil compaction and drainage problems. Long Island lawns can benefit from gypsum because it helps to wash damaging salts through the soil and helps to make clay soil more porous.

Grub Preventative

The best cure for any problem is to stop it before it starts. This is especially true with grubs, as they are most easily recognized by the damage they cause to your lawn as they feed on your turf roots. Our preventative grub treatment is usually applied at the same time as the “Summer” lawn treatment, and is the most effective way to avoid grub problems.

Grub Control

We also have the option to apply a very fast acting grub control product to your lawn in case of existing grub populations.

Disease/Fungus Control

Certain climatic conditions can lead to fungal lawn infections. These issues are not usually serious lawn problems, but they can be unsightly. Conveniently, we have methods available to treat fungal lawn disease on an as-needed basis.

Core Aeration

Core aeration is the process of mechanically removing thousand of small soil “cores” from your lawn. This process removes thatch and opens up soil in the root zone of your lawn, which allows your turf better access to air, water and nutrients. Core aeration also reduces soil compaction in clay soils. We frequently overseed lawns in conjunction with core aeration, which is a great way to give your lawn a boost in the fall.

Soil Testing

A soil test is absolutely the best tool available for determining deficiencies or other problems in your soil that can lead to a host of problems with your lawn. Soil testing provides an estimate of plant-available nutrients and identifies any soil borne problems in the soil. It is an essential tool for a sound lawn care program. Periodic soil testing will help to correct nutrient deficiencies and soil problems that are essential to maintaining a healthy lawn. Nutrient deficiencies and serious soil borne problems such as low organic matter or low pH levels will prevent the development of a high quality lawn.